Guys: most of the guys will do there business in the ocean as its free. They also can go the the bathroom at one of the bars or restaurants. Girls: The bars and restaurants will ask you a small fee 10-20 Bath to use the Bathroom. Make sure you got some spare change.
There are a lot of stalls offering different designs. Prices range from 50 to 250 Bath depending on the design. If you can paint/draw yourself you could get some UV paint at the local supermarket and do it yourself.
Yes taxi's are driving all night from and to the Full Moon Party. Prices usually start from 100 Bath.
The most common sold drinks are buckets. Price can range from 150 bath up to 500 bath close to the beach. Be smart and walk away from the beach and safe yourself some money!
The Full Moon Party usually starts at 20:00 hours and ends at 07:00 hours.
Every month on the Full Moon date as stated in the Lunar calender. See all dates in our agenda.