Don't take anything from strangers on the Full Moon Party or close to the area. Go to a nearby restaurant to get something to eat as you never know the intensions of a stranger.
Drug laws are strict in Thailand and police seems to enforce more during these kind of parties. Do not take any drugs from strangers! It would even be better to don't do any drugs at all. There are even story's of undercover police. Be aware for those who do drugs!
A lot of alcohol will be poured and as we all know alcohol dehydrates our body's. Make sure you drink some water in between.
Fire rope skipping and limbo already is dangerous and even more when you had a lot to drink. It is not wise to do these activity's and a lot of people get burns from these events.
We advice you to not sleep on the beaches close to the Full Moon Party. It can be dangerous and your personal belongings could be stolen!